Bloomberg New Contemporaries at the ICA

-This exhibition is now closed-

Bloomberg New Contemporaries, the annual exhibition showcasing some of the best work by recently graduated artists, is open at the Institute of Contemporary Art until 13 January.

The show is quite large, with 29 artists exhibiting everything from painting to sculpture to video. One of my favourite pieces is Anita Delaney’s video installation Untitled (Ready for a Fight). The work is light-hearted and disquieting in equal measure, featuring a woman in a dingy setting, fists up, smoking a cigarette and sporting a torn tea-towel veil, like an abused prisoner of war overcome by Popeye’s fighting spirit. I also enjoyed Salome Ghazanfari’s film Boxer (Young Marble Giants), which entertainingly edits footage of a boxing match to music, transforming the fighters’ movements into a sort of fanciful, suggestive dance.

The exhibition is free of charge and is open at the ICA until 13 January.