Extinction: Not the End of the World? at the Natural History Museum

-This exhibition is now closed-

Extinction: Not the End of the World? is a new temporary exhibition at the Natural History Museum, exploring the history of mass extinction and asking whether the Earth might be on track for another such event.

Extinction tells the story of mass extinction events over time, illuminated by scientific displays. Highlights include a replica of the iconic dodo, the impressive four-metre-long antlers of the extinct European giant deer, and an ornamental stuffed tiger cub and tiger-skin coat, both of which were seized by the Metropolitan Police following illegal poaching of the endangered animal.

The exhibition asks serious questions about human behaviour and its role in extinction, from overfishing to pollution, and guests are welcome to leave their conclusions as notes on the exhibition’s ‘wishing tree’. The exhibition is perfect for children, featuring a fun, interactive extinction computer game and a number of interesting videos to illustrate the scientific information.

The show is open until 8 September and is accompanied by a series of related events and talks.